Full-Stack Application Development for Beginners

Works in progress, and not in order.

  1. Planning your idea
  2. Diagramming your domain model
  3. Getting started with Gitpod
  4. Gitpod keyboard shortcuts and other productivity tips
  5. Using /git
  6. Getting automated feedback with rails grade
  7. Sharing your Gitpod workspace
  8. HTML Reference
  9. Deploying to Heroku
  10. Design resources
  11. The One Ruby Reference
  12. Nouns, verbs, and grammar
  13. A few program notes
  14. String
  15. Integer
  16. Float
  17. Date
  18. Array
  19. If statements
  20. Loops
  21. Each
  22. Hash
  23. Our own classes
  24. Handling exceptions with begin/rescue/end
  25. Storing credentials securely on Gitpod
  26. Meteorologist (Intro to APIs)
  27. Sending emails and text messages
  28. Google Translate API
  29. API Resources
  30. Different Ruby Styles
  31. Adding Routes
  32. Refactoring Fortune Teller with Dynamic Routes
  33. Cookies
  34. More ways of using cookies
  35. ActiveRecord: Our translator to the database
  36. Refactoring MSM Queries with Methods
  37. Data integrity with Validations
  38. Advanced Assocations Wizard (has_many/belongs_to)
  39. Draft Generators
  40. Image Uploads
  41. Loading data from a CSV
  42. Searching and filtering with Ransack
  43. Embedding a Google Map in a view template
  44. Photogram Final
  45. Tower of Babel
  46. A few management readings
  47. Starting a Rails app from scratch
  48. Adding a sample_data rake task

  1. Command-line Git basics
  2. A few Git aliases
  3. Continuous Delivery
  4. Authorization with Pundit
  5. Minimal JavaScript for Rails Developers
  6. Ajax with Rails UJS

Please let us know if you find any links to pages that are no longer live, or any other errata.