Google Cloud Translate

If you want to use Google’s Ruby gem in one of your own projects, then add the gem to your Gemfile:

# /Gemfile
gem "google-cloud-translate", "2.3.0"

Then bundle install and restart your web server.

You now have access to the Google::Cloud::Translate class. To use it (you can launch a rails console in a new Terminal tab and give the following a try, if you like; be sure to add your API credentials to your Gitpod workspace as environment variables first):

require "google/cloud/translate"
gt_client ={ :version => :v2 })
translation = gt_client.translate("Hello, world!", { :to => "es" })


To list all available languages,

languages = gt_client.languages("en") # The argument determines what language to list the other language names in
languages.size #=> 104
languages[0].code #=> "af"
languages[0].name #=> "Afrikaans"

Read more at the gem docs:

Ruby gem documentation