Gitpod keyboard shortcuts and other productivity tips

Toggle Code Comment

Mac OS: Command + /

Windows: Ctrl + /

Open New Terminal

Mac OS: Command + ~

Windows: Ctrl + ~

Find (and replace)

Mac OS: Command + F

Windows: Ctrl + F

Find Next Selection

Mac OS: Command + D

Windows: Ctrl + D

If you go too far by mistake, you can step backwards with Command + U or Ctrl + U.

Open File

Mac OS: Command + P

Windows: Ctrl + P

Move Line

Mac OS: Option +

Windows: Alt +

Duplicate line

Mac OS: Shift + Option +

Windows: Shift + Alt +

Toggle Terminal Panel

Mac OS: Command + J

Windows: Ctrl + J

Add/Remove Tab spaces for multiple lines

Mac OS: Command + (Shift) + Tab

Windows: Ctrl + (Shift) + Tab

Clear Terminal

Mac OS: Command + K

Windows: Ctrl + K

Previous Terminal Command

Mac OS:


Add More Cursors

Mac OS: Option + Click

Windows: Alt + Click

Jump to beginning of line

Mac OS, Windows: Ctrl + A

Jump to end of line

Mac OS, Windows: Ctrl + E

Embedded Ruby (ERB) Tag Toggle

Mac OS, Windows: Ctrl + Shift + `

Interrupt command

Mac OS, Windows: Ctrl + C

Q to exit

Mac OS, Windows: Q