Photogram Final

Here is your target:


The starting point of this project is a blank Rails application. You need to create all the tables and models yourself!

We domain modeled this application in first two weeks of class, and used the same database structure in photogram-gui and photogram-signin; here’s the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD):

If you add these columns exactly, then you can run the rails dummy_data Rake task to add dummy data to your database tables like with the homeworks.

You can use the model generator to add your tables, or you can use the draft_generators to add the tables and give yourself a big head start on routes, controllers, actions, and view templates.

Remember that the photogram-gui and photogram-signin projects had very helpful instance methods already defined in the model files; go study those methods if you haven’t already. You might want to define methods like those before you begin building out your interface; it will make traversing your relationships a snap.